P. Andrew Sandlin, an ordained minister in and Executive Director of the Fellowship of Mere Christianity, Preaching Pastor at Cornerstone Bible Church-Santa Cruz County, Faculty of Blackstone Legal Fellowship of the Alliance Defending Freedom, and De Jong Distinguished Visiting Professor of Culture and Theology, Edinburg Theological Seminary, is President of the Center for Cultural Leadership.  He founded CCL in 2001 with the conviction that only eminently equipped cultural leaders will actually create a new Christian culture — and that only transformed Christians can transform the present anti-Christian culture of the West.  

Andrew was born into a devout Christian home.  He has been preaching and teaching and lecturing for 30 years.  A consummate eclectic, Andrew has been a pastor, assistant pastor, youth pastor, Sunday school superintendent, Christian day school administrator, home school father, foundation’s executive vice president, journal editor, scholar, author and itinerant speaker. 

An interdisciplinary scholar, he holds a B. A. in English, history, and political science (University of the State of New York); he was awarded an M. A. in English literature (University of South Africa); he has taken doctoral work in English (Kent State University); and he holds a doctorate in Sacred Theology summa cum laude (Edinburg Theological Seminary).  He is a member of the Evangelical Theological Society. 

He is married and has five adult children and three grandchildren. 

Mattson b:w

Brian G. Mattson, CCL's Senior Scholar of Public Theology, is a theologian, speaker, and writer, with an alter-ego who occasionally moonlights as a musician and singer/songwriter.  He obtained a B.A. from Montana State University-Billings, an M.A.R. from Westminster Theological Seminary, and a Ph.D. in systematic theology from the University of Aberdeen.  He authored Restored To Our Destiny (Brill, 2011), a major academic monograph on the theology of Dutch Neo-Calvinist theologian Herman Bavinck and Politics and Evangelical Theology: A Guide for Concerned Christians & Political Progressives. He is Faculty of Blackstone Legal Fellowship of the Alliance Defending Freedom. Since his baptism as an child, he has been singularly blessed to be a lifelong, continuous member of Rocky Mountain Community Church in Billings, Montana, where he continues to reside with his wife and two daughters.


Richard A. Sandlin, CCL's Junior Scholar of Philosophical Theology, is a trained philosopher (B.A., University of California, M.A., Brandeis University) specializing in mind and perception.  He has taught summer school at Harvard University and is a Ph.D. student  at the University of British Columbia. 


Bill Blankschaen, CCL's Junior Scholar of Cultural Theology and Director of Development, writes, speaks, and creates resources to help Christians think, live, and lead with abundant faith. He holds a B.A. in English and History from Cleveland State University and an M.B.A from the Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University. A proven non-profit leader, he helped grow and lead a successful K-12 Christian school for twelve years, serving as principal while developing teachers, students, and curriculum with a full-orbed, Biblical worldview.  He partnered with Hugh Hewitt on In, But Not Of: Revised Study Guide Edition and crafted a Leader's Guide for Group Study for church and school use. His first e-book Finding the Curve: The Secret to Explosive Personal Growth releases October 2012.  He lives with his wife and and six awesome children near Cleveland, Ohio. When he's not writing, he can be found reading, creating incredible gardens, or slipping away to his second home  — Disney World.    

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