Our vision of transforming Christians to transform culture is a call to equip and train leaders. But we believe that leadership development hinges on relationships. Consequently, our focus is not to host large events or draw thousands conferences. The Center’s events are more intimate gatherings full of careful thought and meaningful dialogue that builds authentic relationships. These strategic sessions empower both scholars and attendees to wrestle with the implications of applying Biblical truth to the cultural issues of our day.

As a result of our emphasis on connecting with people for intelligent conversation about relevant issues, The Center’s strategy for events is three-fold:

1. Annual Events.  These gatherings in various regions of the United States feature relevant, knowledgeable, exciting speakers imparting the truth of Scripture as it relates to today’s culture. Attendees will meet other Christians committed to taking their Faith seriously in modern life and who share a passion for the Gospel’s strategic cultural impact.

2. Marketplace Forums. These topical events focus on a specific facet of culture such as education, medicine, law, business, or the arts. Attendance is by invitation only to Christian leaders committed to taking the lead in culture, beginning right where God has placed them. Click the button below to talk about starting a forum relating to your specific field of influence.

3. Public Events and Workshops. Our scholars are often invited to speak and teach at public venues for churches and organizations who share our passion for transforming Christians to transform culture. Click on the button below to find out more about hosting an event with a CCL scholar.

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