Listen and learn to the following audio files packed with free learning for Christians who are serious about leading cultural change.


  • Why Christian Culture? Christian culture reflects confident truth in an age of chaotic relativism, offers liberating redemption in a time of enslaving depravity, and inspires joyous hope amid an environment of cynical despair. Click to listen.


  • Christian Culture: Roots and Reign. We face a disadvantage when we do not understand the roots of Christian Culture, how it sprouted in the Constantinian Edict of Milan, flowered in Byzantium and in medieval Europe, and blossomed in the Protestant Reformation. Click to listen.


  • Christian Culture: Ruin and Restoration. Christian culture in Europe, Russia and North America was ruined by many factors, but one of the most destructive was the Kantian “flight to the interior.” The paradigm for reversing this ruin can be found in the neo-Reformational thinking of Abraham Kuyper, Herman Bavinck, Herman Dooyeweerd, and Cornelius Van Til. Click to listen.


  • Reversing the Ruin: A Robust Gospel. Conservative Christianity is now paying a heavy price for the underdeveloped gospel it has preached for the last few generations. The cosmological gospel of Jesus Christ designed to reorient an entire sinful cosmos is the robust gospel that can — and will — reverse our present cultural apostasy. Click to listen.


  • Cultural Redemption: A Gospel Ministry. Gospel ministry is not chiefly about redeeming sinners for heaven but redeeming a sinful world in all of its dimensions. The best gospel ministers (in pulpit, classroom, auto repair shop, software lab, art house, state house, investment house) are those who practice this world-redeeming gospel. Click to listen.


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